Café Catfish

Light DC | Odin | Mist 11-7 | Fridays 18-20ST

In the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa lies this seaside café staffed with a group of peculiar individuals.

Café Catfish is a casual event focusing on social interactions between its staff and customers.
This lovely café is the perfect spot to come relax and meet friends, or even bring your date!
The staff will bicker and banter their way through the evening.

We host games throughout the evening where you can win prizes and occasionally feature guest bard performances.



Elex Aithra

Despite being the youngest in the group, he works hard to bring them all together as the manager. While his ego is a bit inflated his intentions are always pure.

M'lem Tia

A half Miqote half Hyur barista of 32 summers whose head is only filled with thoughts of coffee & culinary. He's single despite Elex calling him "Pops" all the time.


Nhyx Namaah

Being the prankster of the group, you can always count on Nhyx to put a smile on your face. Seems to have an affinity for breaking Yoko's things and dozing of at work.

Yoko Tarot

This flirty boy knows what he wants, and he wants you! Armed with feline jokes and a talent for the spiritual - If you ever need advice or guidance, Yoko is always there for you.


Kagi Grimoire

While Kagi may seem cold to strangers, he actually cares a lot for his friends. Does not take offence to questions regarding his eyepatch.

Gazde Sandorin

Blue Mage by day, Catfish waitress by night. Swears to be a miqo'te despite the lack of fangs and tail.
Will bite to prove a point.



For everyone

It is important to us that everyone feel welcome and accepted for who they are at our venue.
We have zero tolerance to hateful or inapproriate behaviour.

Common sense and Final Fantasy XIV TOS applies

If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable, please reach out to any of our staff members via /tell.

Do I have to RP?

Not at all! No matter if you have been into RP for 10 years, or never even heard the term, we strive to create a place you can kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, week after week.

We ask that our customers understand that not everyone will be in character, and that likewise OOC (out of character) visitors respect that some customers will be deeply immersed in their experience.

Safe for work

Our event is safe for work, no exceptions.


Staff are identified with the LFP (Looking for party) logo and will speak in yell. Please avoid using these yourself to avoid confusion.

We also have a uniform using an apron dyed blue, do keep in mind that the uniform can change during special events!

How to order

Simply walk up to the counter on the first floor and place your order there.
You can also order from you seat, if you wish to do so, please use /shout chat so the staff can easily distingish an order from normal chatter.


When ordering at Café Catfish, we ask that our customers pay with real gil. Ordering at Café Catfish is seen as an immersive way to support the work we do and is not at all mandatory to visit the venue and partake in our games. Charging for the orders makes us able to provide you with an in game item with each order placed, aswell as helps funding the prizes we give out at our different games.

I really like your playlist

Thank you! So do we. So much that we made a spotify playlist with even more relaxing tunes!
You can find the playlist here!

Our Games

Ala Mhigan Roulette

Normally the café offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for adventurers to kick back and enjoy a moment of quitet.
And sometimes the staff shoot guns at each other in a game left to luck?! Enter for a chance to win minions!

  • 2 staff members will each pick a side of the café

  • The staff will then battle it out using /random, the highest roll wins

  • You participate by standing with the staff member you think will win the current round

  • If your pick wins, you move on to the next round and get to choose a side again

  • However, if your cat loses, we ask that you sit down and try your luck again another time

  • The game continues until we have a single winner left


Elex is always looking for an exuse to share his passion for tarts and has even come up with a game where you have chance of winning this delectable dessert. Somehow he manages to always carry around a set of Jenga in his pockets?

  • 2 players will take turns of doing /random 30

  • If someone rolls a single digit, the tower collapses and that player lose

  • The loser is legally obliged to provide the winner with either a tart or a headpat

Yoko's Divination

While this is not a game with monetary prizes, this is regardless the highlight of the evening for many.
Yoko offers you some insight into your future with both palm and card readings. Perhaps love is closer than you think? Keep your eyes peeled for when his divine arts are at play, the amount of people he can help per night is limited.

Café Catfish take no responsibility for any bad readings.

M'lem's Tricky Cups

Play a game of luck with M'lem when he's not busy at the counter. If you win you get to keep one of the prizes he keeps on him for the Ala Mhigan roulette!

  • M'lem starts the game by placing a coffee bean under one of 3 empty cups and rolling /random 3.

  • The player will have 3 tries to roll the same number as M'lem using /random 3


During special events or holidays, we will hold special raffles with bigger prizes than in our regular games. These will always be free to enter, so don't miss your chance at some epic loot! Keep your eyes open as the rules on how to enter may vary.

Triple Triad

Feel free to challenge staff and customers to a friendly match of the popular card game Triple Triad.
Staff currently available to be challenged:

  • Yoko

  • Nhyx

  • Kagi

  • Gazde